Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NBA Playoffs

Once again I find myself failing to live up to actually posting on sports without external prompting. Nevertheless, thank you Mr. commenter for your request for a sports post. Here are my thoughts, along with the sports gal's (rip-off of Bill Simmons) on the playoffs and who will win each series: 

New Orleans vs San Antonio

N.O. leads the series 3-2 after blowing the Spurs out again.  Yet, I can't find it in myself to pick against the Spurs.  They are one of my least favorite teams, but they always seem to find a way to win. My pick Spurs in 7.  Sports Gal--San Antonio will play game six really hard at home and win, but the Hornets should come back and win game seven in New Orleans.

Los Angeles vs  Utah Jazz
Lakers in 7.  Kobe will probably have a steller performance in L.A. and then have to sit out game six with back spasms.  In the end Bryant, Gasol, and Odom will just prove to be too much. Sports Gal--Los Angeles in 6.  If Kobe is hurt then the Lakers don't stand a chance.  Kobe Bryant deserved the MVP and I hope they will win the Western Conference.

Cleveland vs Boston
If I would have picked this game before the series started I would have picked the Celtics in 4, but now that the series is underway I have to go with the CAVS in 7.  I think LBJ has figured out how to play against the tenacious C's defense and the supporting cast will continue to step it up. Sports Gal--For all the hype that Boston has they are not performing very well in the playoffs.  No team that loses their first six playoff games on the road is really the best team in the NBA.  Yet, the Cavs don't seem like the best road team either.  In light of this, Celtics in 7.  

Spurs vs Pistons
Pistons in 5.  My oh my, how I hope this is not the NBA Finals match-up, but I think it probably will be.  If the Spurs can pull off two in a row vs N.O. look for them to beat the Lakers in 6 and then lose to the Pistons in 5.  The Pistons quitely cruised to being one of the premier teams this year and will finally get over the hump of winning a championship with out Larry Brown.  Look for Tashaun Prince to be the surprise MVP of the finals.  Sports Gal-Lakers vs Celtics--Celtics in 7.  The Celtics win the Finals with only one victory on the road during the playoffs (a victory over Detroit in the Eastern Conference Finals).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sports post! I am picking San Antonio and Boston in the finals, with Boston winning in 7. Like you said, I just can't pick against SA given their recent history - they just get the job done. That being said, unless they make some BIG post-season pick-ups, I can't see them being in the Western Conference championship next year. There are too many good teams in the West that are young AND improving fast!