Monday, May 12, 2008

An Encouragement to Seek God

One barometer for gauging our relationship with God is how grieved we feel over our sin. The following quote that I came across today offers some helpful encouragement for what to do when we don't sense the magnitude of our sin:

"If we don't feel grieved for our sin, and deeply unworthy of God's goodness, then we need to pray earnestly that God would show us himself -- that he would cease to be a mere doctrine that we hear with our ear, and instead would become an awesome, infinitely holy, dreadful and wonderful Sovereign that we taste and see with our hearts." --John Piper, Sermon on Job: Reversal in Suffering, August 4, 1985.

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Anonymous said...

Very good quotes over the last few weeks. I would now request a "Sports" update as we have not had one from you for sometime. What are your thoughts on the current NBA playoffs?

-Joshua Ayres