Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Goldsworthy on Preaching the Whole Bible As Christian Scripture

One of the most helpful books that I have ever read in regards to preaching from the Old Testament is Preaching the Whole Bible As Christian Scripture by Graeme Goldsworthy. I found the following quotes from the book particularly helpful:

"[T]here is much in the Bible that is strictly speaking not the gospel, there is nothing in the Bible that can be truly understood apart from the gospel." (95)
"...expository, biblical preaching is always an exposition of the gospel and its implications. While we don't always focus on the heart of the gospel, no text will yield its true significance unless it is understood in its organic relationship to the gospel." (96)
"Any sermon...that aims to apply the biblical text to the congregation and does so without making it crystal clear that it is in Christ alone and through Christ alone that the application is realized, is not a Christian sermon. It is at best an exercise in wishful and pietistic thinking. It is at worst demonic in its Christ denying legalism." (124)
"I maintain that no Christian preacher ever lets the Old Testament speak purely in and of itself. The Christian preacher who operates on this theory of direct application of Old Testament texts is presumably not imagining for one moment hat there is no distinction between his hearers and the original audience or hearers." (126)

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