Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Free Seminary Classes Online Through Gordon-Conwell

Do you want to go to seminary but don't have the time or money?  Need a review of what you learned in seminary?  Just interested in learning more about the Bible, theology, church history, missions etc?  If so, the following will be of great interest to you!   Gordon-Conwell Seminary is currently offering the following courses online for free (As you scroll down the list the ten courses are highlighted in bold and the class description is in italics). Click Here for more information

Biblical Interpretation
with Dr. Douglas Stuart
When you read the Bible, you interpret the Bible. Thus it is vital to hold some foundational concepts of biblical interpretation to guide your study of the Scriptures. In this course, Dr. Douglas Stuart, Professor of Old Testament at Gordon-Conwell and co-author of How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, lays a foundation for understanding that will help you get more out of the Bible.
Creation, Covenant, and Kings
An Old Testament Survey from Genesis to Song of Songs
with Dr. Douglas Stuart
Creation. Covenant. Kings. Behind those three words lie the beginning of time and the start of the unfolding of God’s eternal plan of redemption. Dr. Douglas Stuart, professor of Old Testament at Gordon-Conwell, takes you through the foundational material of the Old Testament as he surveys Genesis through Song of Songs.
Prophets and Promise
An Old Testament Survey from Psalms to Malachi
with Dr. Douglas Stuart
The story of God’s wandering people, Israel, and the prophets who call out to them can seem complex and confusing. In the continuation of his survey of the Old Testament, Dr. Douglas Stuart will help you gain an understanding of the structure and meaning of the second half of the Old Testament, as he provides an overview from the Psalms through book of Malachi .
Christ and His Church

A New Testament Survey of the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles
with Dr. T. David Gordon
The New Testament was not written in our age, but is for our age. How can we properly understand this ancient text that is relevant for today’s world? Join Dr. T. David Gordon, professor of Religion and Greek at Grove City College, as he lays a foundation for studying the New Testament and begins to unfold the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles.
Letters to God's People

A New Testament Survey from Romans to Revelation
with Dr. T. David Gordon
The letters of the New Testament are a fascinating collection of writings from God to His Church. Beginning in Romans, Dr. T. David Gordon continues his survey of the New Testament through the book of Revelation – helping you to better understand this part of the New Testament and apply its teachings to your life.
God's People Through the Ages I
A Church History Survey from Pentecost to the Reformation
with Dr. Garth H. Rosell
The Church has a long and colorful history , beginning two milenia ago in Jerusalem. Join Dr. Garth Rosell, professor of Church History at Gordon-Conwell, as he highlights key events and people of the first 1500 years of Church history and see how the Churrch’s history is relevant to the Church today.
God's People Through the Ages II
A Church History Survey from the Reformation to the Present

with Dr. Garth H. Rosell
Much has happened in the Church over the last 500 years – for good and for ill. Beginning with one of the pivotal events of church history, the Reformation, Dr. Garth Rosell continues his historical survey up to the present day – concluding with a look at the challenges that face the church in this hour of history.
Theology Matters I
What Christians Believe and Why It Matters - Part One

with Dr. David Wells
Far from being a dry, academic discipline, theology applies to our daily lives in rich and fruitful ways. In this course with Dr. David Wells, professor of Theology at Gordon-Conwell, you will encounter the doctrines of the nature of God, Scripture, and sin. And along the way, you will be challenged to consider how theology affects your world.
Theology Matters II
What Christians Believe and Why It Matters - Part Two
with Dr. David Wells
Continuing on in his survey of foundational doctrines of the Christian faith, in this course Dr. David Wells examines the life, ministry, and character of Jesus Christ and His work of redemption. And he explores the Church – its current work as God’s agent and its glorious future as Christ’s bride.
Loving a Lost World
Evangelism and Missions

with Dr. Timothy Tennent
The message of Christianity is for every person – regardless of location, culture or language. Join Dr. Timothy Tennent, professor of World Missions at Gordon-Conwell, as he provides a biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic perspective on missions and challenges you to be a “world” Christian.

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