Monday, December 31, 2007

This Week's Top 3 NBA Teams

The top 3 teams in the NBA as 2007 comes to an end are as follows:

3. Boston Celtics--Kevin Garnett's intensity has carried the C's to the best record in the NBA. If they still have the best record after facing the top teams in the West then they might move up to 1a. However, the Pistons recent victory over the Celtics keeps them at number 2 for now. Random Fact: KG's field goal percentage last year 47.6% this year with Boston 55%.

2. San Antonio Spurs--I really don't like the Spurs and would love to drop them out of the top 5 because of their recent struggles. However, when the Spurs are healthy they are the team to beat in the West. Random Fact: Tim Duncan is the 3rd leading scorer on the Spurs. Not a bad third option.

1. Detroit Pistons--Motown has some of its mojo back as the Pistons have run off nine straight wins. If you were coaching against the Pistons who would you focus on stopping? Hamilton (18 ppg and 47% 3PT)? Billups (17.5 ppg 7.6 assists)? Prince (13.6 ppg and one of the best defenders in the league)?

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