Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sam Storms on John Wimber...

Sam Storms recently wrote the following article offering some reflections on the life of John Wimber:

"Doin' the Stuff" (Remembering John Wimber)
Sam Storms
Nov 17, 2007

John Wimber, born on February 25, 1934, in Kirksville, Missouri, died ten years ago today (November 17, 1997). Some of you may never have heard of him, but I doubt that you have attended a corporate worship service in the past twenty years that doesn’t reflect his influence.

Wimber led a colorful life, to say the least, although it isn’t my purpose here to write a biographical history. Rather, I want to comment briefly, yet very personally, on the great impact he had on my life and a bit on...(Click here to read the rest)

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