Friday, November 9, 2007

A Post on Sports

Due to the pressure from a number of readers--to be true to the description of my blog and post some about sports-- I have decided to post something about sports. Below are my predictions for the NBA season. Feel free to disagree in the comments section.

The Top 10

1. San Antonio Spurs--(4-1) This is the team to beat. They have three of the hardest players to defend in the NBA leading the charge. Predicted finish 61-21.

2. Dallas Mavericks-- (4-1) They know that anything short of game 7 of the Western Conference Finals is failure. In light of this, they will pace themselves this season. Predicted finish 61-21.

3. Boston Celtics--(3-0) Its too early to tell just how good Pierce, Garnett, and Allen can be. The key is the supporting cast. They are the favorite to make the finals from the east. Predicted finish 57-25.

4. Phoenix Suns--(3-2) The Suns lost Kurt Thomas in the offseason and through five games this is looking like a huge mistake. Stoudamire has been hurt but in the games he has played his defense is putrid at best. Come playoff time unless Stoudamire can defend Duncan the Suns won't advance past the Western Conference Finals. Predicted finish (57-25).

5. Houston Rockets (4-1)--Yao and McGrady look prime to make a deep playoff run (which for McGrady means the second round). Predicted finish 55-27.

6. Detroit Pistons (3-1)--The Pistons get the best out of the talent they have. Look for them to make the Eastern Conference Finals. Predicted finish: 54-28.

7. Los Angeles Lakers(2-2)--If you have read this far you should be shocked that the Lakers are ranked this high. I think the Lakers will make a couple of mid-season acquisitions that will land them the 5 seed in the west. Predicted finish: 49-33.

8. Denver Nuggets (2-3)--A.I. and Carmello will get it together and the Nuggets will be the 6th seed in the West. Predicted finish: 47-25.

9. Miami Heat (0-4)--Shaq still has some diesel left in the tank and once Wade gets back the Heat will play inspired basketball. Predicted finish: 45-37.

10. Atlanta Hawks (2-2)--This will be the suprise team of the year. Already they have victories over Dallas and Phoenix. (Not to mention a 1 point loss to the Pistons). Predicted finish: 45-37.

Notably Missing:

Chicago Bulls (0-4)--Ben Wallace is a year older and they still need some offensive help down low. They should make the playoffs, but don't expect them to get past the second round unless they pick up Kobe. Predicted finish 44-38.

Utah Jazz--Kirilenko's attitude is a virus that could destroy the season. Williams and Boozer will play extremely well and both make the All-star team. Ronnie Brewer will probably win the most improved player award, but Kirilenko will weigh down the team needlessly. Predicted finish: (45-37).

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