Friday, November 9, 2007

Mark Driscoll on Pride....

Is pride a sign of strength? Is humility a trait of the weak? Is it possible to truly be humble and contend for the faith at the same time? Listen to Mark Driscoll address what he calls the biggest failure in his eleven years of pastoral ministry:

Below is an excerpt from the manuscript of Mark's public repentance related to pride:

"I believe that humility is the great omission and failure in my eleven years of preaching. I believe that this is my greatest oversight both in my example and in my instruction.I therefore do not claim to be humble. I do not claim to have been humble. I am convicted of my pride, and I am a man who is by God’s grace pursuing humility. So in many ways this is a sermon that I’m preaching at myself, this is a sermon you are welcomed to listen in on as I preach to myself.But I truly believe that were there one thing I could do over in the history of Mars Hill it would be in my attitude and in my actions and in my words to not only emphasize sound doctrine, encourage in strength and commitment and conviction but, to add in addition to that, humility as a virtue..."click here to read more

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