Sunday, November 11, 2007

Commentaries on Acts

Denver Seminary has put together the following list of commentaries they recommend on the book of Acts. If you do not own any commentaries on Acts I would suggest purchasing Bock's and Barrett's. (In Blue I have posted some additional comments).

Commentaries on Acts

Barrett, C. K. A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles (ICC, rev.), 2 vols. Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark, 1994-1998. (Barrett is a committed Methodist and addresses issues from that perspective)

*Bock, Darrell L. Acts (BECNT). G.R.: Baker, 2007. (Darrell Bock is Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. He has written an excellent 2-Volume commentary on the Gospel of Luke. This volume on Acts should be excellent as well)

Bruce, F. F. The Book of the Acts (NICNT). G.R.: Eerdmans, 1988. (Anything Bruce has written is worth purchasing.)

Fitzmyer, J. A. The Acts of the Apostles (AB). New York: Doubleday, 1998. (Fitzmyer is a prolific commentator who writes from a Catholic perspective. He is a great scholar and one I would have enjoyed studying under)

Marshall, I. H. The Acts of the Apostles (TNTC, rev.). G.R.: Eerdmans, 1980. (Marshall has written some excellent commentaries from an Arminian perspective.)

Polhill, J. B. Acts (NAC). Nashville: Broadman, 1992.

*Witherington, B. The Acts of the Apostles: A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary. G.R.: Eerdmans, 1998.

*Fernando, A. Acts (NIVAC). G.R.: Zondervan, 1998. (This commentary is the NIV application commentary series so it is not super technical. This would be a great resource to consult if you are preaching through ACTS.)

Green, M. Thirty Years that Changed the World: The Book of Acts for Today. G.R.: Eerdmans, 2004.

Larkin, W. J. Acts (NTC). Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 1995.

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