Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shameless Plug...

One of my desires for this blog is that people would benefit from their time spent here. This is one of the reasons that I often suggest books, recommend articles, or link to helpful websites. If you have been helped by this blog then would you consider telling three or four other people about it? I know it may sound a little self-serving to ask you to recommend this blog to someone else, and perhaps it is on one level (in that I desire for people to benefit from this blog). However, if this blog has benefitted you I think it might benefit others as well. In fact if there began to be a more substantial number of readers I could justify putting in more time to make the blog better. Therefore I am asking that you consider passing along the web address If there have been things that have been particularly helpful leave a comment so I can make sure to do that again. If you have ideas for making the blog more user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, or just more helpful overall I would appreciate those comments as well.


"The Tinker"

p.s.--Oh yeah, if you haven't cast a vote yet in the presidential poll (see right side of blog) please go ahead and do so.

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