Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Blog Feature...

I have added a couple of new items to this blog in order to make it more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. The first feature that has been added in order to increase the aesthetics of the site is a collection of pictures from some of my favorite places around the world. These can be seen by scrolling down and looking on the right side of the screen. Below the pictures, you will see the second feature that has been added. There are about three or four blogs that I have interest in looking at from time to time. However, sometimes I do not visit these sites do to lack of time. In light of this, I have incorporated a site feed into this blog. This feature will allow you (and me) to keep up with the recent posts on the blogs without having to constantly check them:

  • Between Two Worlds --This is the blog of Justin Taylor. I met Justin in Minneapolis when we worked together at Desiring God. Currently, he is working for Crossway Books and is helping Wayne Grudem with the forthcoming ESV study Bible. This blog is one of the most informative and popular Christian blogs on the web.
  • Desiring God --This is the blog of Desiring God. This is where John Piper's most recent articles and interviews are posted. In addition to Piper's articles, some of the other employees at Desiring God post their thoughts from time to time. This blog is pretty much hit or miss. Sometimes they post extremely helpful information while other times there are posts that just tell you what is going on with Desiring God Ministries. It should also be noted that this blog is not really a blog, but rather a running newsletter in that comments are not posted or replied to.
  • Off the Wire --This is the blog of Matt Wireman. Matt and I met in Minneapolis while attending Bethlehem Baptist Church. He has just completed his Mdiv and is planning on entering the doctoral program at SBTS in the Spring semester of 2008. He doesn't update his blog very often, but when he does his posts are usually pretty interesting and/or humorous.
  • With One Voice This is the blog of Alex Chediak. Alex and I also met in Minneapolis, MN at Bethlehem Baptist Church. His blog is updated frequently and he regularly replies to those who post comments. In addition to this blog, Alex has written and/or edited two books on dating. He addresses most issues from a fairly conservative standpoint, but with a forthrightness and clarity that even the most liberal will appreciate. In addition to being an author and blogger he is also an Engineering Professor at California Baptist University.

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