Thursday, October 4, 2007

Church and Culture...

What does it look like to be the church in the current postmodern western world? Are we to withdraw from society and be completely against culture? Are we primarily to seek to change culture through legislating Christian principles? Or are we to turn a deaf ear to societal activity and concentrate all of our energy on "winning one soul at a time?" Tim Keller, who is the pastor of a church in Manhattan, has put together some helpful thoughts on what it means "to be the church in our culture" in the following article:

The relationship of Christians to culture is the current crisis point for the church. Evangelicals are deeply divided over how to relate to a social order growing increasingly post-Christian. 1) Some advise re-emphasis on tradition and on ‘letting the church be the church,’ rejecting any direct attempt to influence society as a whole. 2)Others are hostile to the culture but hopeful that they can change it through aggressive action, in large part political. 3)Still others believe...(click here to continue reading)

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