Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What Does God Know?

What exactly does God know? Does He only know events that have happened? Does He know the future? Bruce Ware has written the following article addressing these questions:
What does our great God know? In a word: everything! Psalm 147:5 declares: � Great is our Lord, and abundant in power, his understanding is beyond measure.� From the smallest and most intimate details of our lives (e.g., Ps 139:1-4; Luke 12:6-7) to the mysteries of the universe (Job 38-41) and the course of human affairs (Isa 46:8-11), God knows everything that can be known. And because God IS truth (Exod 34:6; John 1:14), all that he knows, he knows rightly and accurately (i.e., he truly does know the truth). God has no misperceptions or faulty understandings; he has no biases and he suffers from no limited perspectives. All of the hindrances we face as finite and, yes, fallen human beings in endeavoring to know the truth rightly are never and in no respect problems for God. His perspective is the True Perspective, and his understanding always is True Understanding. He knows all that can be known, and he knows it exactly rightly�every time, and in every way, for everything that can be known. This is what our great God knows.

A significant disagreement has occurred in recent years over the particular question of whether God knows the future exhaustively and in exacting detail... (click here to read the entire article)

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Anonymous said...

I have found Ware's book God's Lesser Glory to be a helpful critique of the open view of God.

Mike Jenkins