Friday, September 28, 2007

Speaking of Jesus in the Workplace and Relationships...

What does it mean to be bold as a Christian? Is it just a personality trait that some possess and others do not? No, but does that mean that every evening we are out knocking on doors and seeking to share the gospel with people? Not necessarily. So what does it look like from 8-6 in the business world to be a bold Christian? Some Christians do not even consider this issue for fear of the repercussions it will bring. Others think it means constantly talking about Jesus, but give little thought to truly getting to know their coworkers as real people. The whole area of boldness and evangelism is a cause for much guilt among many sincere Christians. There are sincere Christians who know that they should and really want to talk with their friends and coworkers about the gospel, but either for lack of courage, know-how, or fear they choose not to. John Piper addresses some of these issues in the following three minute question and answer session.


Anonymous said...

Piper's message seemed to be most about what it means to be bold in the workplace. I would love to get some more of your thoughts regarding this. I often feel beat up by those who are always pushing door to door evangelism as the only way to really be bold. do yuo think you could address this sometime?

Mike J.

The Tinker said...


That is a great idea. I am not sure that I am an authority on the topic, but let me think about it for a little bit. If I have not posted anything on it in the next couple of weeks then remind me and I will try to post something.


Harold Simmons