Saturday, September 1, 2007

N.T. Wright on the Theology of Romans...

I have been extremely busy lately and thus have not been very good about posting on this blog. One of the projects that has currently been occupying my time is a paper on Romans 3:21-26. One of the scholars whose works I have been interacting with is N.T. Wright. As most people know N.T. Wright is one of the most prolific New Testament scholars today. However, there are some major concerns in traditional Evangelical circles that Wright has missed the mark considerably when it comes to the doctrine of justification. In fact, John Piper has recently finished a book offering a critique of Wright's understanding of justification. For those who are wanting to more fully understand Wright's own position, before they read a critique of it, I would suggest the following two online articles:

Article 1: "Romans and the Theology of Paul" (see the following excerpt)

A JEWISH THEOLOGY for the Gentile world, and a welcome for Gentiles designed to take the Jewish world jealous. That, I suggest, is what Paul offered his Roman readers, and I suspect it puzzled them as much as it puzzles us, though perhaps in different ways. This paper addresses these puzzles by means of a theological reading of the letter; that is, a reading of the letter drawing out its main theological line of thought, and a summary of the theology that thus emerges, showing how, and perhaps why, it was deployed in this fashion...(Click here to continue reading)

Article 2: "The Shape of Justification"

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