Saturday, September 15, 2007

Graeme Goldsworthy

Is the Old Testament for Christians? Graeme Goldsworthy discusses how Christians should relate to the Old Testament in the following article


Anonymous said...

No sports blogs for quite a while bro - what's up?

Dissapointed Hog1

martha said...

I thought that article was really helpful. It's a topic I've been interested in. Do you have any books on the subject you'd recommend?


The Tinker said...

I have really been helped and encouraged by Goldsworhty's writing as well. In fact, he has written a couple of books on the topic that you may find helpful. The first one is "According to Plan" and the second one is "Gospel and Kingdom." If I were only going to recommend one book to you it would be "According to Plan." I will post a link to it on the main page in the blog.