Sunday, July 8, 2007

Parenting and the Gospel...

Recently I visited a church (not WABC) where the message was on parenting. The content of the message was full of practical advice and many people no doubt benefited from the pastor's own experiences as a parent. However, the sermon mentioned only one thing about Jesus and that was in passing. Any Muslim, Jew, or Hindu could have given full assent to basically everything the pastor said. The message left me with the feeling that the way we change is by "pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps." This way of thinking is not in-line with the Scriptural witness. The only way we will change is by seeing and beholding more of Jesus Christ. The good news of the sending, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the means that God will use to bring us to final salvation. This is the means that God will also use to empower us to be more godly parents. Wisdom from the experience of godly people is no doubt a means of blessing to God's people, but it must be shown to flow out of the message of the gospel. The following quote by Jay Adams is particularly penetrating regarding this issue:

"If you preach a sermon that would be acceptable to the member of a Jewish synagogue or to a Unitarian congregation, there is something radically wrong with it. Preaching, when truly Christian, is distinctive. And what makes it distinctive is the all-pervading presence of a saving and sanctifying Christ. Jesus Christ must be at the heart of every sermon you preach."--Jay Adams

(HT for the quote: Justin Buzzard)

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