Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ten Ways to Make the NBA Finals More Enjoyable to Watch...

I recently read that the television ratings for game 1 of the NBA finals were the lowest they ever been since moving to prime time. Here are 10 suggestions I have for making the finals more enjoyable to watch:

10) Call a traveling violation on Manu Ginobili
9) Make it a rule that every time a foul is called on Tim Duncan that he has use the P.A. system to tell the crowd that he indeed committed the foul
8) Have the Spurs play the Cavs 4 on 5, or better yet Duncan, Ginoboli, and Parker vs Any 5 Cavs
7) Mike Brown should coach the Spurs and Gregg Popovich should coach the Cavs.
6) In the last two minutes of each quarter Anderson Varejao and Manu Ginoboli should play 1 on 1. The first one to flop five times wins.
5) Tape delay the games and edit out half of all the missed shots
4) Make it a rule that only Jacque Vaughn's points count. I still think the Spurs would win the series, but it would at least make it interesting.
3) Reinstate Joey Crawford and allow him to be the only ref to call the games.
2) Play every game in Cleveland
1) Allow the Cavs to pick up Steve Nash for the rest of the finals

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