Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just some thoughts...

Tonight in class we were discussing the history of the English Bible and the various versions that exist. I must say that I am very thankful to God for the wonderful translations that are available in the English language. In fact a few years ago I even jumped on the bandwagon and changed the Bible translation I use from the New American Standard Bible to the English Standard Version. However, I find myself torn regarding future English Bible translations. I personally benefit greatly from some of these translations and yet there are still so many people groups in the world who are in need of a Bible translation into their language for the first time. Perhaps my sense of feeling torn over this issue stems from the fact that I am not an expert in the Biblical Languages that is being asked to serve on these committees and therefore it is easy for me to pick on them for what they are not doing. Or perhaps my sense of feeling torn has to do with my own inadequate contribution to the cause of world missions. Or quite possibly my sense of feeling torn stems from the fact that millions of dollars are being poured into new English Bible translations by financial backers and Christian consumers while such a small percentage of this wealth is being given to fund translations for unreached peoples. I find it odd that I have probably ten different versions of the Bible on my shelf while some pastor friends of mine in India have one or two Bibles for their whole congregations.

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