Friday, June 22, 2007

Thoughts on the Hypocrisy and Illusion of a Civilized Society

A young woman in Ohio recently began serving a jail sentence for the death and cover-up of her newborn baby. After giving birth to a little boy the then fifteen year old girl stabbed the baby in the chest in order to make sure the baby was dead. As this young woman's crime has been reported through the national media people have responded with horror, sadness, and outrage that someone would do something like this to a little baby. Indeed this is part of an appropriate response for such an atrocity. However, had the young woman gone to a medical doctor, just a few short weeks before giving birth, and exercised her "choice" to have a highly trained professional kill the child she would have been seen as a woman who was free from the bonds of a once oppressive patriarchal society. What an utterly inconsistent response this is. Truly the apostle Paul's words ring true that humankind suppresses the truth by ungodliness. There is an internal moral compass that is offended by a woman stabbing her newborn baby. This same compass should be offended at a doctor poking holes in the head of a child with a pair of scissors. Let us not believe the lie that 21st century society is morally superior to the previous ages. We are still a people who think that we are morally superior to "others" and accurately able to pass judgment on "others" without condemning ourselves because the form of our sin takes a more "civilized form."

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