Friday, May 25, 2007

J.I. Packer's Assessment of Paul's Self-perception...

"Paul in his own estimation, was not a philosopher, not a moralist, not one of the world's wise men, but simply Christ's herald. His royal Master had given him a message to proclaim; his whole business, therefore, was to deliver that message with exact and studious faithfulness, adding nothing, altering nothing, and omitting nothing."

(HT: Joshua Harris)


Anonymous said...

When are you going to post your thought on James? I noticed you mentioned that a few weeks back, but had not seen anything. What gives?

Mike J.

The Tinker said...

Mike and other readers,

I have had some problems trying to post an exegetical paper I wrote on James 2:14-26. I have not been able to get the footnotes or Greek fonts to appear on the blog. If anyone out there knows how to do this I would appreciate them leaving a comment.