Thursday, April 12, 2007

NBA Draft...

If the NBA Draft were today and the ping pong balls fall perfectly here is my projected Top 5 Picks:

1. Memphis Gred Oden (OSU)
2. Boston Kevin Durant (Texas)
3. Milwaukee Hasheem Thabeet (UCONN)
4. Phoenix Roy Hibbert (Georgetown)
5. Charlotte Brandan Wright (UNC)


Anonymous said...

Mike Jenkins

I am waiting to read the next instillation in the "Is Jesus God" series. When are you planning on posting it?

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would you list these bottom three guys before Corey Brewer, Joakim Noah, and Mike Conley Jr? Do you know anything about basketball. First of all the Bucks do not need a big man, they drafted Bogut last year. They need some perimeter help. Mike Conley Jr. would be a great pick up. Brewer and Redd in the backcourt. That would be fun to watch! Also Why would Phoenix pick up a big man? They already have Stoudamire. If they wind up getting Atlanta's pick I think they will package it along with Marcus Banks, Jalen Rose, and Kurt Thomas for someone like Garnett. Make sure you do your homework on this before sputing off your ideas!

Anonymous said...

Mike Jenkins:

I hope Oden doesn't go to Memphis. That sounds awful and he will never be on TV. Unless Memphis picks up Oden and trades Gasol for another lottery pick plus a quality player. Maybe a Gasol to Milwaukee for their pick and Boykins. What do you think about that?

The Tinker said...

I hope to put part two of my paper up later today or tomorrow.
I like your suggestion of the Bucks trading their pick for Gasol, but I am not sure the Bucks would throw in Gasol. I think Brewer would also go well in the Bucks lineup.

The Tinker said...


You have some good suggestions about the draft. I have always been in favor of selecting a player that has huge potential if the team does not have a definite franchise choice.
I think you meant to say Conley Jr. and Redd in the backcourt, but I actually like the thought of Brewer going to the Bucks. I am almost positive that this would make the Bucks a top 6 team in the Eastern Conference next year. If the Bucks get a crack at Oden though I think they should ship Bogut out and build around Oden. Can you imagine Redd and Oden being your two stars? That would be great. Thanks for stopping by and if you don't mind give yourself a name instead of just anonymous.